Breakeven Sale

A temporary sale of our products at breakeven, in response to the pandemic. Whilst everyone else is hiking up their prices to take advantage, that's NOT us. We're here to help you avoid that. Proud to be a part of the solution. ✊
handmade reusable sanitary pads - organic bamboo sanitary pads - handmade reusable organic bamboo menstrual pads - bamboo sanitary pads - reusable cloth pads - cloth pads
Regular price €29,95
award winning african black soap uk - green parent natural beauty award winner - honest miracle family organics black soap - good soap for eczema
Regular price €14,95
eco friendy straws - reusable straws - stainless steel reusable straws
Regular price €8,95
Zero Waste Secrets: The Ultimate Guide Book For A Realistic Zero Waste Lifestyle
Regular price €15,95
Reusable Toxin Free Food Wrap
From €14,95
Reusable Toxin Free Food Savers (6 Pack) 50% Off!
From €16,95
Bamboo Makeup Brush Set
Regular price €17,95
Reusable Bamboo Cutlery Travel Gift Set
Regular price €17,95
Wet Bag for our Organic Bamboo Reusable Sanitary Pads
Regular price €5,95
Reusable Collapsible Straw with Travel Case and Cleaner
Regular price €11,95
Reusable Toxin-Free Menstrual Cup
Regular price €11,95
Bamboo Cotton Buds (200 pack)
Regular price €2,95 Sold Out
Bamboo Dry Brush
Regular price €11,95
Reusable Bamboo Nursing Pads (4 pack)
Regular price €13,95
reusable toxin free food storage bags - toxin free reusable food bags - reusable freezer bags - reusable toxin free freezer bags - reusable toxin free sandwich bags - eco friendly freezer bags - eco friendly sandwich bag
From €10,95
Eco Friendly Toxin Free Reusable Produce Bags (Buy 2 Get 1 Free)
From €10,95
Reusable Bamboo Toilet Tissue Family Cloth Wipes
Regular price €11,95 Sold Out