Eco Friendly Reusable Toxin Free Straws

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♻️🌍 Have you seen that viral video of the disposable plastic straw being pulled out of that poor turtles nose? With our New Reusable Toxin Free Straws we can stop that happening again ✅

Did you know that plastic straws are the 2nd largest offender in creating plastic waste that pollutes our seas and landfills? Over 5 million tonnes from the UK alone each year and 5.25 trillion worldwide!

Do you want to reduce the amount of plastic waste you create? If we all come together against toxic disposable plastic we can make the world a better place 🌍🌈  

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Imagine a world without toxic plastic waste ♻️🌍

By getting our new reusable toxin free straws you can:

  • Reduce the world's plastic waste and save the turtles 🐢
  • Reduce your family's toxin intake (plastic straws contain toxins that cause deadly diseases, our straws contain no toxins)
  • Save money because you will never need to buy disposable straws again

Pack contains 4 Stainless Steel Toxin Free Reusable Straws + Free Gift of Straw Cleaning Brush (worth £3.99)

Length: 215mm/8.5"  & Diameter: 6mm

Material: Stainless steel (toxin free + rust, scratch and break proof)

Dishwasher safe ✅