The 5 World Changers You Didn't Know About

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In celebration of International Women's Day 2020, we've put together an article featuring 5 unsung heroes (compared to Greta Thunberg, David Attenborough + Jane Fonda etc) who are saving our world in their own special way.

Just how are they doing that? What good are they spreading? Read on to find out their different stories.

1. Besma Whayeb

Besma is the founder of Ethical Influencers, a digital community doing good. 

What do we love most about Besma?

She's brought a community of changemakers together and we all know that when we work together for the greater good magic happens, right?

She stands for positive change and she is doing her bit to change the world, using her marketing background to promote ethical marketing. Besma also blogs at Curiously Conscious and is an official judge for the Sustainable Lifestyle Awards.

2. Ella Daish

Ella is a campaigner for plastic-free periods and the creator of the eco period box. Currently, twenty shops currently have an eco period box where their customers donate eco period products to help end period poverty with eco-friendly products that are better for the people using them and the planet.

What do we love most about Ella? 

She has dedicated her life to bringing positive change to our planet, and especially in an area so crucial, like ending period poverty with healthy period products. She also meets the decision-makers at giant corporate companies to campaign for them to stop using plastic in their products.

3. Katharine Wilkinson 

Katharine Wilkinson is a best-selling author, strategist, and teacher who, in her own words, is working to heal the planet we call home.

What do we love most about Katherine?

She uses and promotes emotional intelligence, leading with love and empathy, changing the world not through violent protests, but through effective, peaceful communication.

4. Anshu Ahuja and Renee Williams

Anshu and Renee run a zero-waste plant-based takeaway. Customers pre-order their plant-based meals so the kitchen only sources the ingredients it needs, cutting out any waste. They deliver their meals on bikes and they're served in reusable stainless steel dabbas (lunchboxes).

What do we love most about Anshu and Renee?

They're two working Mums who think convenience and great food should not come at the expense of the planet and since 2018, they’ve saved the equivalent of 17,820 plastic containers and made 8,700km of emission-free deliveries!

5. Licypriya Kangujam

Licypriya is just 8 years old! She started campaigning for a cleaner Earth and compulsory environmental classes in schools when she was only 6! She said that she cries when she sees children lose their parents or become homeless because of the disasters caused by climate change.

What do we love most about Licypriya?

She says "Don't celebrate me if you are not going to listen." A bold but very truthful statement. In other words, let's all be inspired and become a part of the solution :)


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Do you think we've missed anyone off this list?

Comment below and let us know any suggestions you have.

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  • They are all wonderful and doing amazing things in their own way 💚
    I think you (Kim) need to be added to the list… the work you’re doing is awesome 👏🏻 👏🏻 You deserve recognition too 🙏😀💚

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