Buy Masks to Donate to Health Heroes

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Strictly for donation to Health Workers. Members of the public looking for masks please see our Reusable N95 Mask here 

We've been inundated with requests to purchase masks directly from our crowdfunding page (for masks to donate to our NHS). Because of the short supply of surgical masks and disposable n95 masks we have struck up a partnership to make surgical masks available for you to buy directly from the supplier to donate to your Health Heroes ONLY. Disposable FFP3 masks will not be available here whilst the shortage continues.

Please note: This is for you to buy masks to distribute yourself to local hospital workers, care home workers, front line workers etc, but if you want us to distribute them on your behalf to nurses across the UK please just pop that in your notes at checkout (we're already donating masks directly to nurses at this time from any profits we make from bulk orders of reusable masks where we get a discount on the wholesale price, and they are so so so grateful, wonderful selfless people!)

Please do not abuse this. We reserve every right to cancel and refund any order believed not to be for our Health Heroes.


* £1 is added to the supplier price for card processing and transaction fees ONLY - we do not make anything from this, please consider buying any of the other items in our shop to help support us, we're just a small family business with a big heart*

3 Ply Fluid Resistant Surgical Masks.

Available in quantities of 50 or 100.