Eco Friendly Toxin Free Reusable Food Wrap

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Did you know that over 5 million plastic waste is created in the UK alone and 5.25 trillion worldwide? Did you also know that cling film is made from PVC (plastic) and the toxins from that get in to whatever food you wrap them in? That doesn't sit right with us, so now we're bringing you this amazing reusable toxin-free plastic wrap alternative ♻️

This toxin free food wrap is reusable because it's made from washable food grade silicone that forms an airtight seal around anything from plates, bowls and containers to fruit, it can even be used to seal half eaten packets etc. So you never need to buy cling film again!

Now you can avoid buying endless disposables :)

Convenient, better for your health, better for your pocket and better for our world 🌍

✅ Vegan Approved

✅ Eco Friendly

Sizes -

Small = 10cm x 10cm.

Medium = 15cm x 15cm.

Large = 20cm x 20cm. 

Care Advice: Best to wash me in warm soapy water to keep me in excellent condition. I can also be sterilised ✅ I am also microwaveable (just leave a little gap so that I don't pop off the bowl etc or burst).