Eco Friendly Kitchen

Looking for Eco Friendly Kitchen products? Here are our favourite eco friendly and zero waste kitchen swaps:
Reusable Toxin Free Food Savers (6 Pack) 50% Off!
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Soap Nuts Natural Laundry Cleaner
Sale price CHF 17.00 Regular price CHF 21.00 SaleSold Out
Eco Friendly Reusable Toxin Free Tea Bags
Sale price CHF 13.00 Regular price CHF 19.00 Sale
Reusable Bamboo Cutlery Travel Gift Set
Sale price CHF 19.00 Regular price CHF 28.00 Sale
Reusable Toxin Free Food Wrap
On Sale from CHF 19.00 Regular price CHF 23.00 Sale
Eco Friendly Toxin Free Reusable Produce Bags (Buy 2 Get 1 Free)
On Sale from CHF 12.00 Regular price CHF 20.00 Sale
eco friendy straws - reusable straws - stainless steel reusable straws
Sale price CHF 9.00 Regular price CHF 13.00 Sale
reusable toxin free food storage bags - toxin free reusable food bags - reusable freezer bags - reusable toxin free freezer bags - reusable toxin free sandwich bags - eco friendly freezer bags - eco friendly sandwich bag
On Sale from CHF 11.00 Regular price CHF 14.00 Sale
From CHF 6.18
Biodegradable Organic Dish Sponges (Set of 3)
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Kind Tea ™️ - The Joy Blend - Loose Leaf Plastic Free Tea
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Kind Tea from Honest Miracle Family Organics - lavender tea - elderberry tea - rosehip tea - hibiscus tea - plastic free tea uk organic loose leaf tea uk
Regular price CHF 19.00