Reusable Bamboo Cutlery Travel Gift Set

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Our New and Improved Reusable Bamboo Cutlery Travel Gift Set.

Do you sometimes get caught out and need to use disposable plastic cutlery even though you hate the thought of contributing to the plastic waste problem? (The UK creates over 5 million tonnes of plastic waste alone, each year!)

Pop this beautiful Japanese Bamboo Reusable Cutlery Travel Gift Set in your bag and you'll never need to use disposable plastic cutlery again.

Wave goodbye to plastic waste and disposable plastic cutlery when out and about with this amazing Reusable Organic Bamboo Cutlery Travel Gift Set.


Get it before it goes!

This is an amazing travel cutlery set because the fork, knife and spoon all fit in their own lovely handmade cotton carry bag. Imagine the joy of eating with this beautiful bamboo travel cutlery set when you're out and about instead of harmful toxin filled disposable plastic 💚

An amazing useful gift for anyone who eats out ( + very handy for packed lunches) 🎁


✅Lightweight + Sturdy

✅Organic Bamboo Cutlery

✅100% Cotton handmade carry bag

Quantity: 1x spoon, 1 x fork, 1 x knife, 1 x cotton travel pouch.

Material: Cutlery - Japanese Bamboo. Travel wrap bag - 100% cotton.