Don't be too Zero Waste!

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 I know you're probably thinking "Why on earth is the owner of a Zero Waste shop telling me not to be too Zero Waste?!"

Well, there are genuine reasons, hear me out 🙂...

1. We need to give ourselves a break - we are doing a really good job being eco friendly, we don't want to burn out because if we burn out, who's going to save the environment?

2. We can sometimes neglect other important areas in our lives such as our health, we should keep a good balance. I like to live a toxin free lifestyle and everything is as organic as possible because of my chronic pain issues, but that also means balancing being zero waste because sometimes organic things come in plastic and if it's an essential I'll make up for it in another way.

3. Being too "extreme" like certain Instagrammers can actually put people off of trying Zero Waste, and that's the last thing we want, right? If we all work together we will save the world faster 💚🌍

4. Perfection paralysis is real, that's where we get stuck because we either pressure ourselves or others pressure us to be perfect - IT'S OKAY NOT TO BE PERFECT! Remember, progress is better than perfection 💚If millions of us do zero waste imperfectly, that's so much better for the planet as a whole, than only a few people doing it perfectly. I prefer the term Conscious Living over Zero Waste because actual Zero Waste can be impossible for many of us.

5. It's a journey. Start, then "perfect" it along the way.

Tip: Start with baby steps, enjoy a day at the beach, then pick up a bag of litter. Imagine how clean the world would be if we all done that, and it's do-able, isn't it?


Zero Waste Week 2019 is an amazing time to raise awareness and inspire others to become more eco-conscious and toxin-free. Let's all lead with love and together we can save our families from toxins and our planet from waste 💚🌍

Sending Lots Of Green Love,

Kim + Family 💚

Honest Miracle Family Organics 

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