Eco Friendly Reusable Toxin Free Tea Bags

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Phew! Our amazing Rainbow Goodness Reusable Toxin Free Teabags certainly are a hot topic right now!

Did you know that tea bags are made from plastic? 😱 That shocked us, too! So each cup of tea contributes to over 5 million tonnes of plastic waste from the UK alone each year and 5.25 trillion worldwide!

Save on plastic waste and avoid harmful toxins from plastics at the same time with these amazing Reusable Toxin Free Tea Bags. Our Eco Friendly Reusable Toxin Free Tea Bags are made from sturdy food grade silicone. They are suitable for all types of tea.

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Imagine a world without toxic plastic waste ♻️🌍

By getting our reusable tea bags today you can:

  • Reduce the world's plastic waste problem
  • Reduce your family's toxin intake (plastic contain toxins that cause deadly diseases, our reusable tea bags contain no toxins)
  • Save money because you will never need to buy disposables again

Dishwasher safe ✅

Quantity in pack: 3 reusable toxin free silicone tea bags.

Material: Food grade silicone.


Get them before they go again!