Kind Tea ™️ - The Brave Blend - Loose Leaf Plastic Free Tea

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"I am just having a cup of tea and it reminded me to let you know I love the Kind Tea. It is ideal for the situation, I feel nurtured when I drink it." - Julie, our monthly Secret Eco Organic box customer  

We have been asked regularly if we are could stock loose leaf tea because we stock Reusable Toxin-Free Tea Bags and to be honest, we couldn't quite find the right loose leaf tea on the market, so we spent a while creating our own.

Being a responsible business, our tea had to:

  • Be good for your health
  • Be organic
  • Be delicious
  • Make you feel good when you drink it
  • Have ethically sourced ingredients
  • Be in a plastic-free container

Our Kind Tea™️ The Brave Blend is naturally caffeine-free and the Brave Blend boosts overall health and wellbeing in one cup, with an added focus on de-stressing and immunity.

health benefits of Kind Tea - hibiscus tea - lavender tea - rosehip tea


health benefits of Kind Tea - hibiscus tea - lavender tea - rosehip tea


Weight: 100 grams

Full ingredients: Organic lavender, organic dried orange, organic dried apple, organic hibiscus, organic rosehip, organic cornflower petals, organic dried currants, organic elderberries.

✅ Eco Friendly

✅ Vegan Friendly

✅ Organic

✅ Ethical

✅ Ingredients from UK, Spain and France

Not recommended for pregnant women.

** The packaging for this product has changed. After listening to feedback from customers, this tea is now packaged in a kraft bag and we have doubled the quantity to 100 grams, to pass the savings on. Photos of new packaging to follow shortly, thank you for your understanding.