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Eco friendly Christmas present ideasAlthough Christmas is a wonderful time of the year, I've always felt anxious since I started living consciously. Anxious about the amount of "junk" we will receive just because people feel obliged to give something, anything. Anxious about the amount of wrapping paper that is not recyclable. Anxious for the reaction of family members to our eco friendly gift wrap (fabric instead of paper) or no gift wrapping.

Well, last year (2016) we didn't have this amazing eco shop and I had just given birth to my second child, so it was really tricky putting everything together for Christmas and trying to be eco friendly and health conscious at the same time. So, I vowed to be prepared this year! And prepared I am. I'm prepared for you, too 😀

We've got many eco friendly products in our eco shop that make brilliant Christmas presents, but our Eco Friendly Bundles are particularly amazing.


  • They're cost effective (you save 25% when you get a bundle over buying the products individually).
  • They're time efficient (spend your time with your family rather than deliberating over what presents to get).
  • We've lovingly put our customers favourites together in our bundles that your family and friends will love.

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Every one of our family and friends is getting an Eco Friendly Starter Kit for Christmas because plastic free is we something feel particularly strongly about as well as being eco conscious and health conscious in general and we finally feel brave enough to share how passionately important we feel it is to look after the environment and our health (we've encountered a fair few McJudgey's, who have said all sorts of negative things to us because we care so much about our health and our planet. It's so ironic, but oh well, can't be everyone's cup of tea, right?!).

Did you know that 5.25 trillion tonnes of plastic goes to landfill worldwide every year and over 5 million in the UK alone with cling film, plastic straws and toothbrushes being top offenders?! That does not sit right with us as a family and as a business, so our Eco Friendly Bundles are our solution to that problem this Christmas


Do you want to give a meaningful gift that will save the planet and our families from horrible single use plastics and harmful toxins this Christmas?

Grab your favourite Eco Friendly Christmas Present Bundle today -


Love Kim + Family xX


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