Eco Friendly Kitchen

Looking for Eco Friendly Kitchen products? Here are our favourite eco friendly and zero waste kitchen swaps:
Reusable Toxin Free Food Savers (6 Pack) 50% Off!
From €16,95
Soap Nuts Natural Laundry Cleaner
Regular price €15,95
Eco Friendly Reusable Toxin Free Tea Bags
Regular price €14,95
Reusable Bamboo Cutlery Travel Gift Set
Regular price €17,95
Reusable Toxin Free Food Wrap
From €14,95
Eco Friendly Toxin Free Reusable Produce Bags (Buy 2 Get 1 Free)
From €10,95
eco friendy straws - reusable straws - stainless steel reusable straws
Regular price €8,95
reusable toxin free food storage bags - toxin free reusable food bags - reusable freezer bags - reusable toxin free freezer bags - reusable toxin free sandwich bags - eco friendly freezer bags - eco friendly sandwich bag
From €9,95
From €5,85
Biodegradable Organic Dish Sponges (Set of 3)
Regular price €14,95
Kind Tea ™️ - The Joy Blend - Loose Leaf Plastic Free Tea
Regular price €17,95
Kind Tea from Honest Miracle Family Organics - lavender tea - elderberry tea - rosehip tea - hibiscus tea - plastic free tea uk organic loose leaf tea uk
Regular price €17,95
Cotton Reusable Produce Bags
Regular price €10,95