Bamboo Dry Brush

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Eco-friendly bamboo dry brush.

What is dry brushing?

Dry brushing is basically massaging your body with a dry, stiff-bristled brush. It helps flaky skin, increases circulation, detoxifies, helps digestion and improves the appearance of cellulite.

Why a dry brush? Why not just brush my skin in the shower?

Brushing the skin whilst it's dry exfoliates and increases your blood circulation without losing moisture, the water in the shower can steal your skin's moisture.

How do I use a dry brush?

I usually start from my feet and work my way up in long strokes on my legs and arms and circular motions on my tummy and back. It can be a bit more sensitive on the tummy, breasts and neck, so use less pressure whenever needed.

A few swipes per area is enough. Do this once a day. The best time to dry brush is just before a shower. Then you can wash off any dead skin cells and flaky skin.

Perfect for beauty enthusiasts who want to be sustainable, feel good and look good at the same time.

Note: Never brush over skin that is broken, which includes cuts, scrapes, lesions, sores or burned skin, including sunburns. Don’t ever brush over areas of infection, redness or general irritation, inflammation, cellulitis or skin cancer. Stop dry brushing if skin becomes irritated or inflamed.

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