HonestFlo ™️ Water Saving Mineral Filter Shower Head

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Save Water + Improve Water Pressure 

There’s no better feeling than that luxurious massage from our HonestFlo™️ shower head…

Or maybe there is! 

How about the feeling of that luxury massage whilst SAVING water and SAVING money at the same time?

Our HonestFlo™️ shower head has 3 modes and an on/off switch to enable you to pause the water whilst you shampoo/shave etc etc.

HonestFlo™️ Shower head modes:

💦 Rain Mode - High-pressure overall spray

💦 Jet Mode - Super high-pressure concentrated jet spray

💦 Massage Mode - A mixture of both Jet and Rain for that relaxing and rejuvenating luxurious massage

Here are just a few benefits of our HonestFlo™️ Water Saving Filter Shower Head:

✅ Removes 99% of chlorotoxin from the water for better health

✅ Alkalizes water PH for better health

✅ Easy to install - simply screw it to your shower hose

✅ Universal fit

✅ Softens even the hardest water

✅ Increases water pressure

✅ Reduces water usage by 35%

✅ Saves around £225 on yearly water bill

✅ Filtered water is kinder to skin 

+ FREE delivery 🎁