Reusable bamboo straws + travel bag

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💚🌍 Did you know that plastic straws are the 2nd largest offender in creating plastic waste that pollutes our seas and landfills? Over 5 million tonnes from the UK alone each year and 5.25 trillion worldwide


Get it before it goes!!

♻️🌍 Have you seen that viral video of the disposable plastic straw being pulled out of that poor turtles nose? We HATED it so as well as our best selling stainless steel straws we are now we're bringing you these amazing handmade eco-friendly biodegradable bamboo straws, plus a cute travel bag  + Free Delivery

Do you want to reduce your carbon footprint? 🌿

Well, bamboo is a very fast growing, renewable and easy to grow resource. Our bamboo is grown without pesticides and fertilisers. Bamboo is carbon neutral! 😀😀

It's also naturally antibacterial, naturally waterproof and biodegradable💚

Material: Straws - bamboo. Bag - 100% reclaimed cotton.