Reusable Bamboo Toilet Tissue Family Cloth Wipes

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Because of our customer Judith’s bright idea about using our reusable makeup pads as a toilet roll replacement and the fact that there has been a fair bit of interest in this, I have urgently made some bigger family cloths. They’re made from the same lovely and soft organic bamboo, just they’re made from the white bamboo cloth that we used to make the reusable sanitary pads before we changed to dark material (at the request of customers) and the same bamboo cloth that the reusable makeup pads are made from. 

For those who aren’t sure about them, here are some myths dispelled:

MYTH: We will use more water.

FACT: It takes 13 gallons or 49.2 LITRES of water to make ONE TOILET ROLL. That’s shocking isn’t it?!

MYTH: It’s not hygienic!

FACT: Providing you store and clean them properly, just like our reusable sanitary pads, they’re hygienic. So if you are storing them and not putting them right in to the washing machine you would use a wet bag, like the ones we stock, and you would cold rinse them then put them in the wet bag until you wash them. Have you heard about cloth nappies? It’s the same principle. Plus, they used these reusable solutions way back in the day.

Care advice: Wash me at 30, 60, 90 - your choice, I'll survive at those temperatures. I'm also fine with tumble drying.


Material: 100% organic bamboo cloth

Sizes: 15cm by 15cm

Quantity: 4 in a Pack


These Reusable Bamboo Toilet Tissue Family Cloth Wipes are also suitable for use as reusable wet wipes, reusable baby wipes, reusable face wipes etc 🙂