Soap Nuts Natural Laundry Cleaner

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A natural, 100% organic alternative to laundry detergent - Soap Nuts!


Did you know that big detergent companies add artificial foaming agents to their detergent just so that we see the appearance of bubbles and think it's cleaning better! Ridiculous, right? The truth is that in commercial laundry detergent there's a foaming agent creating the bubbles and a detergent in there doing the cleaning! We don't add anything like that to our soap nuts because it's not necessary and our soap nuts are a completely organic, whole, one ingredient detergent.

We have sensitive skin in our family and even had painful eczema before we started making our miracle soap that cleared it up.

So, it's super important for us to wash our clothes in something that doesn't irritate our skin. Because of this, our soap nuts are sourced from premium organic farmers in Hawaii. Soap nuts are a gentle yet effective natural alternative to chemical-ridden commercial laundry detergents. Plus, they're zero waste! Win-win.

What Makes Soap Nuts Good For Cleaning Laundry?

Soap nuts contain saponin, a natural surfactant that is released when the shell absorbs water. So when you put soap nut shells into a load of laundry, the saponin penetrates the fibres of the material which lifts dirt, oils, and stains from your clothing to be rinsed away naturally.

Soap nuts are very gentle and an ideal laundry solution for:

  • People with skin conditions or sensitive skin
  • People with chemical sensitivity
  • People who want to look after the environment
  • Baby clothes, nappies/diapers and bed clothes

How to Use Soap Nuts for Laundry

  1. Pop 4 to 6 organic soap nut shells into a cotton muslin bag (7 soap nuts if you're in a hard water area.)
  2. Tie the drawstring tightly to keep the soap nuts inside, put a knot in the bag.
  3. Put your clothes and the muslin bag into the drum of the washing machine, together.
  4. Wash as normal :) Simple!

The water smells fresh and a bit like apples, not chemicals, which is amazing, but if you did want some fragrance, add a few drops of organic essential oils on to the outside of the bag.

A bag of soap nuts can be reused several times before it wears out. When the soap nuts get mushy, compost them and start fresh.

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Ingredients: 100% Whole Organic Premium Hawaiin Soap Berries. Nothing else.

Weight: 300grams (up to 100 washes)