Why use reusable sanitary pads?

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reusable sanitary pads blog post - why use reusable sanitary pads

Did you know that "normal" sanitary pads contain toxins that disrupt our hormones leading to heavier periods and painful period cramps?
So many members of our community of eco warriors have commented on how much lighter and pain-free their periods have been since using our Organic Bamboo Reusable Sanitary Pads. 💚


My hormones are still a bit funky because I am still breastfeeding, so I certainly wouldn't want to upset them even more by using pesticide ridden sanitary pads or tampons. Then there's the very real risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome from tampons. Plus, we all know how bad plastic is for our health. Imagine all of those chemicals and plastics next to our vaginas. YUCK! I hope that you feel the same as I do about your health. Health is wealth, after all.


Disposable sanitary products contain artificial fragranceschemicalsplasticsadhesives and gels to absorb blood. Our Organic Bamboo Reusable Sanitary Pads are handmade using 100% organic materials so contain no artificial fragrances, chemicals, plastics, adhesives or gels AND they're super comfortable even if I do say so myself 😜


With the rise in popularity of healthy eating and natural cosmetics etc, I think it's quite shocking that those horrible disposable toxic sanitary products are still on the market, do you agree?!


Well, that's why we've upgraded our handmade organic bamboo reusable sanitary pads to the most comfortable bamboo inner, as well as making them all with dark inner material for those worried about staining (we used to make them with a white inner) - because we want to get amazing healthy toxin free reusable sanitary pads out there for everyone, not just those in the know 😃

Did you also know that disposable sanitary products create 200,000   tonnes of landfill waste each year in the UK alone! We're very   passionate about looking after the environment and there's a good   chance you are too, because you're here on our zero waste eco friendly   website 💚🌍

The average woman will use about 15,000 disposable sanitary pads,   tampons and panty-liners in her lifetime. Disposables use a whole lot   more of our planets resources.

According to The Landbank Consultancy, an independent UK environmental agency, compared to reusable sanitary pads, disposable pads use 20 times more raw materials3 times more energy2 times as much water and they create 60 times more waste!! 😱


Our organic bamboo reusable sanitary pads  last for years, so they're not only amazing for your health and our environment, they're good for your finances, too. If the average woman buys boxes of 20 disposable pads or tampons for £5, she's throwing away more than £3,000


Why doesn't everyone use reusable sanitary pads yet?
  • It's probably to do with what's being marketed by huge greedy companies who care more about profit than the health of their customers and our planet.
  • People are sometimes worried about how to use them because it's something different, some people are even initially freaked out by the fact that they are washable sanitary pads.
  • A lot of people actually just don't know that alternative reusable sanitary pads are available. That's why we need to raise awareness about the toxins in disposable and non organic menstrual pads and the environmental damage.


💚 Common questions about reusable sanitary pads: 

How long do reusable menstrual pads last?
Usually your reusable menstrual pads will last you for at least 5 years. You need to look after them to make sure that they do last and here's how:


How do I wash my reusable sanitary pads?
The easiest way to clean your reusable sanitary pads is to just pop them in the washing machine as you go along, along with your normal clothes. That's what I do. Wash them on cold or warm settings but not too hot because it could make any stains set. I wash mine on a 20 or 30 degree cycle. Air dry your reusable sanitary pads or tumble dry them, on the low setting. You might want to soak your reusable sanitary pads in cold water before washing them, it'll help prevent staining. Some people prefer to store their reusable sanitary pads up until their period is over, if that's you, you can use a wet bag to store your reusable sanitary pads until your period is over. Wet bags are also handy for when you're out and about or if you're travelling.
Use any detergent when washing your reusable sanitary pads. I use soap nuts because they're a natural cleaning solution. I would recommend to avoid using fabric softeners because they can make fabrics less absorbent, plus they're not good for your health. It’s probably not best to bleach your reusable sanitary pads either because it can break down the material and interfere with their absorbency.


Quick tips to best care for your reusable sanitary pads:
• Use cold water to help keep stains at bay
• Change any soaking water daily, or wait to soak
• Avoid bleach and fabric softener
• Dry on lowest setting or air dry


Do reusable menstrual pads smell?
No, they are much fresher and more breathable than disposable pads. That means that moisture evaporates which also means that there's less bacteria because bacteria need the moisture to multiply and it's the bacteria that creates a smell. If you do happen to notice any kind of strange smell, you should probably see your doctor because a common bacteria imbalance could be the cause.


How often do I change my reusable sanitary pad?
It depends on your flow, but you'll probably need to change your reusable sanitary pad 1 to 5 times a day. The heavier your flow, the more often you'll need to change your reusable sanitary pad and the lighter your flow the longer you can leave between changes. If your pad starts to feel wet next to your skin then it's time to change it.


Can I use reusable sanitary pads when travelling?
You sure can. Just fold your reusable pads up in to a square and secure it with the poppers on the wings of the pads. Then store them in a wet bag (a waterproof travel pouch for your reusable pads).


Can I use reusable sanitary pads as reusable incontinence pads?
Yes, the good thing about our reusable pads is that they're multi-use. They're comfortable enough to be used all day as incontinence pads.


You can get Your Handmade Organic Bamboo Reusable Menstrual Pads from the Honest Miracle Family Organics shop here ➡️https://honestmiracle.com/products/reusable-sanitary-pads 
Love Kim xX 💚🌍
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