About us

Imagine this scenario:

Big companies started creating disposables, putting millions in to advertising and sold them to us for 4, sometimes 5 times the price they had made them for. Things we didn’t actually need, designed to break so that they’d get recurring profits. 😱

Welcome to 2021.


Now that just doesn’t sit right with us. As a family we try to have as little waste as possible, a toxin-free home and because we’re minimalists we have gone back to use basics whenever sensible. ☀️


Take soap, for example, did you know that soap doesn’t actually need to lather to clean us properly? Yep. Just one example of advertisers creating need for products that aren’t required and adding junk that’s not great for us into their products just to get us to part with our money. 😱


Most of the time, nature has already created something amazing that works the same, often better, without all those added nasty harsh chemicals. 🌴


So, in our Honest Miracle store you’ll find our products are reusable, organic, natural, essentials and no toxins whatsoever! ✅



⬆️ This is us.

& my name's Kim. Hi 😃