Reusable Toxin-Free Menstrual Cup

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Did you know that normal disposable tampons and menstrual pads are made using cotton that was sprayed with chemical pesticides? Eww.  + Those chemicals actually interfere with our hormones. Some of those toxins have even been linked to cancer, endometriosis and other serious complications.

Are you done using masses of disposable toxic tampons/pads each month? Or maybe you feel safer using toxin free materials/want to save money (+ the planet)? 🌈Free Delivery

Did you also know that disposable sanitary products also create 200,000 tonnes of landfill waste each year in the UK alone? That doesn't sit right with us, so now we're bringing you this amazing reusable toxin-free alternative.

Our Reusable Menstrual Cups are toxin free. Being reusable they're also an amazing money saving product. 💚🌍


  • Reduce the planets toxic waste
  • Reduce your toxins intake (disposable and non organic menstrual pads and tampons contain toxins that can cause deadly diseases, our reusable organic bamboo menstrual pads contain no toxins).
  • Save money because you will never need to buy disposable menstrual pads or tampons again.
  • Many people have reported that menstrual cups help to reduce their menstrual cramps and the heaviness of their periods because they are 100% toxin free unlike most other menstrual products that contain chemicals that interfere with our hormones.
  • 100% Toxin Free
  • Vegan Friendly

Our menstrual cup sits comfortably inside the vagina creating a suction, which collects all your menstrual blood. Unlike disposable and tampons and pads, which absorb not only blood, but vaginal fluid too which can disturb the delicate PH and bacterial balance in our vaginas leading to swelling, dryness and odour.

Our menstrual cup is better for you and it is better for our environment. One cup can last up to 12 years.

Quantity: 1 Reusable Toxin Free Menstrual Cup in a pack.


Small - Diameter: 43mm. Length: 83mm. Length of Stem: 25mm. Max volume up to the rim: 20ml.

Large - Diameter: 46mm. Length: 85mm. Length: of Stem 20mm. Max volume up to the rim: 25ml. (Recommended for women over 30 or after child birth)



Step 1. Always make sure you have clean hands before touching and inserting your cup.

Step 2. Place your cup into boiling water for 3-5 minutes. Holding the stem pointing down, drain the water completely and dry. 

Step 3. Place your finger on the top rim of your cup and press down into the centre, forming a triangle shape. This makes the top rim much smaller to insert. With one hand, hold the folded cup firmly.

Step 4. Finding a position that is comfortable for you, gently insert your cup into the vagina. Make sure you are relaxed when doing this and insert the cup at a straight angle. Make sure the cup expands completely after being inserted and until the stem is even with the vaginal opening.

How to remove:

Make sure you have clean and dry hands. Gently pull on the stem of the cup until you reach the base of the cup. Pinch the base of the cup to remove the suction/seal and continue to gently pull down until the cup is removed. Wash and sterilise your cup and place back inside its breathable bag – ready to use for next time. 

  • 100% Medical Grade Silicone.
  • Reusable, comfortable and safe.
  • Economical.
  • Two sizes to suit all woman.
  • Toxin-free.
  • Easy to clean.