Zero Waste Secrets: The Ultimate Guide Book For A Realistic Zero Waste Lifestyle

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If you’re reading this book you’re probably keen on saving our beautiful planet from waste, toxins and plastic pollution.
You might have also experienced what I call “zero waste overwhelm” where you want to do everything to fight climate change, heal the planet and tell everyone about it to get them involved too!
That’s brilliant, but we all have our limits, so don’t push yourself to do too much at once. I like to push myself just passed my limit then wait there for a little while before trying to get to the next level because if we burnout we can’t help anyone.

The top excuse I’ve heard from people as to why they don’t go greener or try zero waste is that they can’t be perfect like the social media influencers who fit all of their years rubbish into one jar. We don’t have to be that extreme! In fact, how do we know they actually did fit all of their years rubbish into one jar?! Now there’s a thought...

So, I created this book as a realistic guide to zero waste, maybe that’s not the best name, maybe it should be called conscious living, or less waste, because in all honesty, it’s impossible to have ZERO waste.

My hope is that you will use this guide to ease your way into zero waste/less waste/conscious living, or you can use it to add to your current eco knowledge.
Don’t forget to share it with family and friends, so that we can all do our bit to help the planet and to also help our families and ourselves.
Because we’re all in this together! 💚🌍

Please note: this is the paperback version of the book. Click here for the digital zero waste version.


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